Client Services

Alliance Direct Management’s business model is based upon the highest standards of client services and an unwavering commitment to our clients’ investment interests. Our corporate growth is a direct result of our focus on the preservation of capital and creation of wealth for our valued clients over time. In short, our success here at ADM is measured in terms of the investment success of every one of our clients.

Portfolio Guidance
Alliance Account Executives provide every client with sound advice and guidance regarding the overall structure of their equity portfolios and work with each private client to ensure that his/her objectives and circumstances are appropriately reflected in the portfolio as personal circumstances are altered over time.

Emerging Growth Opportunities
Our Research and Market Intelligence specialists are focused on the emerging growth sector, from which many of the great stock market successes of the past have emanated. While many small cap junior companies never make it to blue chip status, the one’s that do succeed are the standout winners that greatly reward their early investors. Selectivity is the key, of course, and through in-depth company and industry research, our focus is to isolate those Special Situations.
These Small Cap stock market opportunities come in many forms; junior companies possessing a new discovery, such as a new cancer drug; a new and promising technology; discovery of a rich mineral deposit; or a superior business model on a scale that revolutionizes an industry. External forces, whether they be political, industrial, economic or environmental evolve to propel a formerly modest company onto center stage and into the stock market spotlight.

New IPO Opportunities
Alliance Direct Corporate Finance and Research staff routinely investigates proposals by new venture companies requiring equity financing and sponsorship in taking their companies public. Many such candidates are dismissed following our in-depth research into their business model, their management, and their industry strengths, generally on the basis of them being too speculative. When such an emerging growth prospect does measure up in term of our stringent risk/reward parameters, we naturally proceed in assisting the company with its IPO endeavors such go-ahead decisions are always based upon the growth potential offered for our valued clients.

The Big Picture
Important news and developments that are deemed noteworthy with regards to our current investment stance and/or particular industry or corporate investments are highlighted for our clients in our monthly Alliance Report. As well, we communicate noteworthy developments through occasional bulletins or via emails/telephone calls if deemed to be of a timely nature and in a client’s particular interests. Regarding general financial news, Global News Headlines in real time are provided around the clock on the Home page of this website.

In Pursuit of Timely Opportunities
Alliance Direct Research and Global Stock Market Intelligence efforts are constantly in pursuit of Special Situations such as: companies that have a promising new discovery; an IPO with unquestionable merit and potential; an undervalued stock price that fails to reflect capital gain potential; or a change in external or exigent circumstances that has suddenly catapulted the company onto a new and dynamic growth path. Such timely opportunities for above average investment performance form the nexus of the long term alliance between ADM and each of its valued clients.

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