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Comprehensive Investment Research

ADM Research applies a “top down” approach to its investment research, monitoring developments in all facets of global economics and politics as well as technological and industry trends. This “big picture” analysis invariably highlights the most favourable countries and industries for investment opportunities and growth at a given point in time. We then delve deeply into those industries that stand out in terms of expected growth and proceed to meticulously research the companies in that industry with a view to identifying the “best-of-breed”, i.e. those instances where a company displays superior strength and growth prospects relative to its industry sector.

The Global Perspective

Given the rapid globalization of economics and industry, ADM’s investment research and market intelligence seek out extraordinary opportunities wherever they may occur, assisting clients to identify relevant investment ideas that are timely and are in keeping with unfolding sectoral trends that pinpoint superior growth opportunities. 

As an illustration, our focus on emerging economies and the tremendous growth opportunities they present has highlighted the commodities sectors – natural resources – as being in a long term bull market that offers exception long term growth potential. The global growth projection for Energy, for example, leaves no doubt that this dynamic sector will provide many extraordinary opportunities in the years ahead. Comprised of many facets, such as Fossil Fuels (Oil, Natural Gas & Coal) Renewable Energy (Hydro, Wind & Solar), Nuclear Energy and Geothermal Energy the global energy resources complex is a dynamic paradigm in flux that offers numerous “special situation” opportunities as the need for energy soars and the emerging imperatives for conservation and environmental friendliness increasingly come into play. The move towards electrically powered vehicles alone has spawned an important new rush to supply the world with critically important Rare Earth Elements and other New-age Technology Metals that are increasingly in short supply as demand soars.     

ADM closely follows emerging economic and industrial trends throughout the world, ensuring that its focus remains fixed upon those sectors that offer above average performance potential in the foreseeable future. In that regard, the first decade of the 21st Century has seen a paradigm shift in global economics and business that have brought about dynamic investment trends never before seen, and these emerging trends demand an outside-the-box approach if one is to achieve investment performance that is ahead of the crowd.

ADM research and market intelligence identifies those market sectors that emerge as leaders in the ongoing recovery since the recent global recession, and focuses its efforts on identifying those companies which can be expected to achieve outstanding performance during these volatile times.

Special Situations

ADM’s disciplined approach guides us to first identify the most attractive industries in the most promising geographical locations, and to then seek out the companies whose shares can clearly be termed “Special Situations”. And finally, these attractive investment candidates are assessed against the current investment background, i.e. the prevailing investment environment. Timeliness in identifying such Special Situations is paramount; in due course, such extraordinary stock market opportunities are discovered by the “Street” and ultimately become yesterday’s Special Situation.

Alliance Market Intelligence

ADM gathers market intelligence from its extensive global network of finance and investment professionals, including pro-traders, market technicians and international money managers. This information is used to refine market timing techniques and to ensure avoidance of the pitfalls occasioned by unforeseen extraneous events.

Alliance Direct Management’s Monthly Report

ADM publishes a monthly overview of economic and investment trends views that represent the best of our Research Analysis and monitoring activities. The Alliance Report presents our most timely and best ideas, thus offering ample “food for thought” to our growing readership; clients can expect to see timely analysis of economic/political developments, stock market performance, industry trends and, when appropriate, specific investments and portfolio balancing advice.

A Note Concerning Foreign Exchange

The purchase of foreign stocks entails the assumption of a degree of foreign exchange (FOREX) risk, which is in addition to the normal investment risk when buying any stock. The exchange rate between any two currencies can fluctuate significantly over time, having a positive or negative effect on overall performance of the foreign investment security held. Placing a FOREX hedge allows one to manage, or mitigate, foreign exchange risk.

Carried out properly, FOREX hedging can be a valuable tool for managing such risk but, if such hedging is not implemented properly, it can multiply investment losses.


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