Private Investors

Alliance Direct Management’s corporate focus is the provision of excellent financial services to private/individual clients who seek to preserve and grow capital through intelligent investing based on thorough research, global equity market intelligence and proven, superior wealth creation tactics.

Fulfilling your investment needs and objectives

Every private investor has his/her own particular set of financial circumstances and objectives. Some investors’ primary objectives will be to maximize income and preserve capital, for example, while others may emphasize capital gain in the interests of wealth accumulation. At ADM, designing an investment program appropriate to each individual client’s needs and investment objectives is the basis of the relationship between the client and the appointed investment adviser.
We believe that close collaboration between Client and Account Executive is essential to achieving that client’s investment objectives. ADM account executives seek customer relationships that are both fruitful and lasting.

Portfolio Balancing

Over time, private individual investors undergo many changes in personal circumstances such as age, retirement, inheritances, family circumstances, income requirements, and even risk tolerance. As these changes occur, it is imperative that and individual’s investment program is modified to reflect these changes as necessary to meet changing circumstances and objectives.

Such rebalancing of one’s investment portfolio will ensure that changing circumstances are taken into account at all stages, and that objectives are clear and current in managing one’s investment portfolio. In addition to reflecting changing personal circumstances and objectives, rebalancing is often required as a result of changes in asset allocation due to altered investment expectations, or to realign portfolio weightings in line with target allocations due to changing values of individual portfolio holdings.

As part of ADM’s commitment to excellence, and our focus on unparalleled client service, your ADM Account Executive will routinely monitor your portfolio for appropriateness and provide assistance when rebalancing is advised.

Timely Advice

Seasoned investor or a newcomer to the world of investing, your ADM account executive stands ready to assist in any way practical.
Helpful advice and guidance concerning any aspect of your personal investment program, its overall wealth building strategy and tactical recommendations in light of changing market circumstances is always available.

When Alliance Direct Research uncovers a compelling stock investment that meets with your overall objectives, you will be advised in a timely manner so that you may consider it for your portfolio without undue delay. Or when changing circumstances suggest selling a given security, we will advise you of such recommended changes quickly, so that you can make a timely decision, if appropriate, to effect the changes required.

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